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Joseph Aamidor has spent the majority of his career working for software vendors in the building, energy and IoT industries. He was a product manager at Johnson Controls for three years, leading development of two Panoptix applications (JCI’s cloud-based building management solution). He then was the first product manager hired at Lucid, and helped the firm scale from a building dashboard product to an enterprise-focused building management solution.

Aamidor Consulting provides the following services to software vendors, building owners/operators, and investors:

Software Vendors
Owners & Operators

For smart building, building IoT, and energy/facility management solution providers, we provide:

  • Product Management on demand

    • MRD and PRD authorship, review and revision

    • Product roadmap development and prioritization

    • Product management team structure and composition 

  • Product Marketing on demand

    • Market sizing and analysis

    • Competitive analysis

    • Messaging and differentiation 

    • Content authorship and outlining: white papers, case studies, web site 

    • Voice of customer interviews, feedback sessions and analysis of results.  

  • Inquiry service: One hour phone call to discuss key market and strategy questions. 

  • Briefing Service: Memo-style or PPT-formatted on a specific topics, such as:

    • Market and competitive analysis

    • Regulatory review of policy activity

The smart building vendor landscape is nascent, complex and ever-changing. If your firm is implementing or researching these emerging technologies, we can help:

  • Vendor selection support:

    • RFP authorship

    • Demo day support 

    • Organization and management of a product “bake-off”: independent analysis of potential firms.  

  • Inquiry Service: One hour phone call to discuss key market and strategy questions.

    • Discussion of vendors that should be included in a procurement

    • How to procure smart building technology

    • Value proposition of smart building technology

  • Briefings on the smart building vendor landscape, value proposition for investment in smart building solutions. ​

Investment and M+A activity continue in the smart building space. Our expertise in smart buildings can help investors in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Due diligence on target firms: technology review, competitive analysis, and firm’s future potential 

  • Inquiry Service: One hour phone call to discuss key market and strategy questions.  

  • Briefing Service: Memo-style or PPT-formatted on a specific topics, such as:

    • Review of estimates of market size for smart building software, services, hardware

    • Competitive overview of complex, large commercial building smart building software solutions

    • Current investment and acquisition opportunities in smart buildings. 

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