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Within the smart building, real estate technology, building IoT and facility/energy management industries, Aamidor Consulting provides product management, product marketing and strategy services on demand, to solution providers, building stakeholders, and investors.

See a summary of past projects for more details on how we have helped other firms.

Solution Providers

BUILDING Stakeholders


Solution Providers

The smart building market is complex and rapidly maturing. Solution providers need every advantage they can find. Aamidor Consulting's leader, Joe Aamidor, is an expert in product/market strategy for smart buildings. We provide:

  • Product and market strategy, including competitive analysis, market sizing, voice of customer, go-to-market strategy development. Our past clients include small startups to large corporations. 

  • Fractional product management and marketing on demand.

    • MRD and PRD authorship, review and revision

    • Product roadmap development and prioritization

    • Product management team structure and composition 

  • For startups in particular, we have worked with early- and late-stage firms, based around the world. ​These projects can be advisory in nature, with scheduled check-in calls with executive leadership, or short in duration (workshop-style). 

  • Other options :

    • Inquiry service: Web conference to discuss key strategy questions. 

    • Briefing Service: Memo or presentation  on a specific topic, such as market and competitive analysis or regulatory review of policy activity

    • Event Keynote Speaking Engagement: Presentation at customer or partner event. 

    • Marketing support, including content authorship.

Services-Software Vendors

Building Stakeholders

​The smart building vendor landscape is nascent, complex and ever-changing. For building owners/operators, utilities, and other market participants, Aamidor Consulting's deep expertise in smart buildings can advance your understanding of this market. If your firm is implementing or researching these emerging technologies, we can help.

  • Market Research, for utilities and corporates, we can scout for relevant technologies and supplement internal research efforts to understand key trends and developments.

  • Research and procurement support for building owners and operators, including vendor selection support:

    • RFP authorship

    • Demo day support 

    • Organization and management of a product/vendor “bake-off”, an independent analysis of potential firms.  

  • Other options:​​

    • Inquiry Service: Web conference to discuss key strategy questions, such as vendors that should be included in a procurement or market research project,, how to procure smart building technology, quantifying the value proposition of smart building technology

    • Briefings on the smart building vendor landscape, value proposition for investment in smart building solutions. ​

    • Event Keynote Speaking Engagement: Presentation at live or remote event.

Services-Building Owners and Operators


Investment and M+A activity continue in the smart building space. Our experience spans from the largest OEMs to small, early stage startups. We've supported acquirers with commercial due dilligence and work with leading VC and PE firms.  Our expertise in smart buildings can help investors in a variety of ways, including:: 

  • Commercial Due Diligence on target firms: technology review, competitive analysis, and firm’s future potential

    • For investors just beginning to look at the smart building, building automation and energy services industries, Aamidor Consulting can participate in workshops during pre-due diligence activities or even when an investment thesis is being developed.

  • Startup Advisor: Subject matter expertise for early- and mid-stage portfolio companies. 

  • Other options:

    • Inquiry Service: One hour phone call to discuss key market and strategy questions.  

    • Briefing Service: Memo-style or PPT-formatted on a specific topic, such as a Review of estimates of market size for smart building software, services, hardware; Competitive overview of complex, large commercial building smart building software solutions; Current investment and acquisition opportunities in smart buildings. 

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