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"Our business strategy is better, our view of the market clearer, and confidence in our execution greater from working with Joe."

-Matt Ellis, Founder & CEO, Measurabl

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"Joe worked with us for several months in developing and refining our product strategy and fleshing out multiple product specifications.  His expertise in the energy efficiency space and his deep understanding of product management have made him an invaluable resource to Vigilent."

-Dave Hudson, CEO, Vigilent

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"Joe accelerated our learning curve.  Indoor air solutions are rapidly evolving as networking technology converges with mechanical innovation.  Joe’s research and deep industry insights broadened our perspective – and that’s a critical advantage.."

-Tim Kilgallon, CEO, WellAir

"Your insight into the different roles and relationships in the building were critical in helping form our product vision. It is still guiding our marketing collateral development."

-Darrel O'Pry, Director, Effektiv

"Joe's experience in the energy industry made working with him a natural fit. His insight and expertise were pivotal in creating some of our most effective content to date."

-Angela Sun, Director of Marketing, Urjanet

"Joe was a great help to pear.ai when we defined and refined our role in the energy solution space. It was extremely valuable to have Joe’s broad view of the energy solution market and his insights into the different players. We at pear.ai enjoy the always content-rich, fun, and collaborative work sessions with Joe – be it on product features, roadmap, or strategy."

-Sukhjinder Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, pear.ai

Selected Clients and Projects

Aamidor Consulting has worked with dozens of technology and service firms in the building and real estate industry. This is a sample of some of the work we've performed over the years.  


  • For multiple building technology startups and vendors, developed initial business case and reviewed initial market opportunities for adjacent and bolt-on business units. 

  • For multiple internationally-based building, facility and energy management software firms, provided insight on the US market to assess potential and develop a plan for entry. These projects were delivered through written reports, online webinars, and in-person workshops. 

  • For the venture capital team of a large energy utility, reviewed the home energy management system (HEMS) market and synthesized the offerings and market position of over a dozen innovative startups.

  • For a variety of emerging commercial building software and technology solutions, from air quality monitoring/mitigation to IOT-based facility management software, provided strategic guidance on go-to-market options, partnership approaches, and buyer and user personas. In many cases, this work helped these firms more successfully enter the market. 

  • For a sustainability data management solution, provided a review of strategic options to increase market share by partnering with adjacent data solution providers. The guidance expedited the firm’s decision making in this area. 

  • For a boutique engineering firm, developed a scope of features and functionalities for building owners and operators considering an energy management dashboard. Described key functionality, data acquisition capabilities and developed a pricing framework to ensure that vendors would provide consistent pricing guidance with their bids. 

  • For a large European electrical utility, assisted a small US-based innovation team build an energy management offering for small and medium businesses. Provided competitive analysis and market research, in addition to advice on product features. 

  • For a data analytics startup, helped implement a smart building pilot project within their headquarters office. Also helped identify prospective partners and establish relationships with these firms. Additionally, provided competitive and market analysis help the guide the new buildings business unit. 

  • For the workplace and design team of a multinational real estate firm’s European office, provided a briefing on occupant-centric smart building technologies to a large tech company developing a vision for their new corporate headquarters.

  • For a startup indoor occupancy sensing technology startup, authored white paper and blog posts to position the firm as an ongoing data supplier to various stakeholders, including building owners/operators, facility management service providers, furniture companies and other service and solution providers.

  • For multiple energy and facility management vendors, drafted various forms of marketing collateral including white papers, web page text, and thought leadership articles for publication in leading industry periodicals. 


  • For an HVAC optimization software firm, provided fractional head of product support to move multiple product ideas to initial concept and delivery. 

  • For multiple energy and building management startups, provide competitive intelligence and voice-of-customer (VOC) research to direct product development efforts.​​​​

  • For an energy analytics startup, developed a product organization framework to guide hiring over the near future, including scoping various roles within the product management team and key responsibilities.

  • For a smart building technology implementer and service provider, reviewed initial vision document and wrote sections or market landscape and size, customer roles and key needs, and summarized competitive landscape amongst technology vendors.